1 Minute Mounting System


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One Minute Mounting System


One Minute Mounting System for PCB Mounted Coupons utilizes a 2 part Acrylic Liquid System and 2 Acrylic Mounting Plates to form sandwich type of mount with the Circuit Board in the middle. The first plate is placed on the mounting post of the Kits Box or in the option. Teflon Fixture, a few drops of Liquid A are applied to the plate, the coupon is then set on the plate, a few drops of Liquid B are applied to the coupon and then the top plate is set onto the coupon. In 1 Minute the Mount has Cured and is ready for Grinding. The average finished mount is about 1/2" thick, is easy to grip and reduces Grinding and Polishing Time. Because of the vicosity of the two liquid system even the smallest hole is easily filled.


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