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Part# : 56039

8" or 10" Metallurgical Automatic Grinder Polishers
$10,250.00 each


METAPOL 2VA  Single Wheel 8" Automatic Metallurgical Grinder Polisher. The Metapol Automatic offers a variable speed (0-200 rpm), pneumatically adjustable individual piston polishing head for polishing 1 to 6 specimens independent of each other, eliminating the need for dummy samples when doing less than 3. The 2VA can also be ordered with a Fixed Sample Fixture and Leveling Plate for ease of use when changing grinding discs and polishing cloths. Both offer benefits of easy to use controls and quick-locking swing mounted design. The base unit features Timer, Variable speed (100-1000 rpm) operation, preset fast speed buttons (100, 200, 300 rpm), auto mode (programmable speed, direction and time), tough and rugged GRP (glass reinforced plastic) construction, water inlet and outlet for wheel lubrication. Specimen Holders & Fixtures are available in 1", 1.25" &1.5" Sample Sizes.The Metapol 2VA comes complete with a 8" Quick Change Wheel, Splash Guard, Lubricant Doser, Paper Holding Band and Cover. Extra Wheels, Magnetic Discs System and Paper Rings are quoted separately.The Metapol 2VA Grinder Polisher has a built-in transformer so it can be operated at either 110V 60 Hz or 220V 50 Hz. (factory preset)                                       

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